Activity Report – May 2018

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a trusted partner for our clients, Providence reviews a number of products each month, searching for investment opportunities that fit our clients’ individual requirements. Being an independent company, each opportunity is assessed solely on its merits regarding risk and return.

True to Providence’s promise of transparency and independent analysis, we share the basis of our decisions with our clients in this Activity Report.

The Australian

We are proud to tell the world that we’ve been independent for over 18 years. Today’s front cover of The Australian – Business Review.

The Australian Providence May 2018

Global Outlook and Strategy Quarter 2, 2018 “Volatility Returns”


  • Global growth remains strong although some signs of momentum slowing
  • US bond rates to likely track above market expectations
  • Australian economy underperforming
  • Risk assets vulnerable to a sharp correction
  • Remaining defensive, patient, investing for a correction
  • Consensus view is further upside in risk markets, for now

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Watch: View James Smith, Head of Melbourne and Senior Investment Adviser discussing the Global Outlook & Strategy with Grant Patterson, Chair of the Investment Committee and Managing Director.