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In the good times, most investors do well but when times are tough, that’s when expertise in financial markets is vital. During our fifteen years of operation we have witnessed many market dislocations. True to our mission of protecting and preserving wealth, we have been able to achieve real dollar value growth for our clients.

Providence Returns

Historical returns are not indicative of future performance.
Providence Client is a full discretion Balanced client with no legacy assets. Returns are net of fees.
Vanguard Balanced Index Fund (Wholesale) net of management fees.
Lonsec Balanced Model Portfolio with Alternatives. Returns are net of fees.

Client Testimonials

With each day spent in the non-emotional pursuit of investment performance, it is rewarding to read endearing words of praise from our clients. For each of us such appreciation of our efforts makes all these pursuits worthwhile. We share excerpts of those words with you here. The full testimonials are available upon request.

I find myself fortunate

I find myself fortunate that I put my faith and my pension in Providence's capable hands.

In my discussions with colleagues it was evident that their experience with their pension investments was not as successful as mine. I would like to sincerely thank Providence directors and staff for their valued contribution to my financial well-being allowing the benefits of extended travel overseas and long lunches with friends.

Peace of mind

Providence’s services go beyond obtaining good returns on funds and easy access to funds accounting.

Their scale, dedicated expertise and client-focused assessments provides analysis of, and access to, opportunities that are more difficult to obtain. These can contribute to both portfolio diversification and capturing uncorrelated performance assets that add to portfolio valuation stability.

In other words Providence’s services helps our peace of mind during these unprecedented financial times.

An independent view

An impartial and independent view is offered of investment strategies and opportunities with no bias toward any particular product, or supplier of product.

Considered view

A thorough and considered view of the financial markets and the risks, and opportunities therein is provided.

Carried out professionally

The administration of my financial affairs is carried out professionally by Providence, with my financial investment portfolio kept up-to-date, and the necessary year-end liason is carried out with my tax accountant.

Keep me out of trouble

As the captain of the mine sweeper, continue to keep me out of trouble.

Respect and confidence

Uplifted that I am now being advised by people I respect, and have confidence in.

Pro-active approach

A pro-active approach is adopted by the team at Providence who meticulously follow-up on agreed actions to ensure strategies are executed correctly.

Very happy

Having found myself in the  position of having responsibility for the family’s investment interests, with no prior investment experience, I felt that I needed advice, and support. We have been very happy with the service provided by Providence, and the individual advisers we have had contact with.

Accommodating and accessible

We have always found Providence management to be very accommodating and accessible in making themselves available for management, and board meetings.