Uncomfortable Investor – Global Outlook & Strategy Q1 2021

“If there is one common theme to the vast range of the world’s financial crises, it is that excessive debt accumulation, whether by the government, banks, corporations, or consumers, often poses greater systemic risks than it seems during a boom.” Carmen Reinhart, 2009 KEY POINTS • Challenging investment environment, valuations stretched • To protect & […]

20 Years of Independence – Global Outlook & Strategy Q4 2020

As we navigate through our 20th year as stewards of our clients’ capital, in this Global Outlook & Strategy, we reflect on the lessons learnt. It has been a remarkable two decades navigating the 2000 Tech Bust, 9/11, GFC and now Covid-19. What does not change is the human behavior of fear and greed. Valuations […]

September 2020 – Market Update with the Providence Team

In this recorded webinar, James Smith from Providence hosts a discussion about the current market, featuring Grant Patterson, Michael Ogg, Carlo Queddeng and Harry Buckeridge from Providence. The team also answer questions posed by clients.

True Bearing August 2020

The latest issue of Providence’s Quarterly Publication “True Bearing” includes the Global Outlook and Strategy for Quarter 3. True Bearing Edition 17: August 2020 Contents Global Outlook & Strategy #78 (Quarter 3, 2020) Barron’s Top 100 Advisers Education Series Philanthropic News

“There is No Road Map” – Global Outlook & Strategy Q3 2020

“Everything is a little upside down…as a matter of fact the wheels have fallen off.” Bob Dylan After filing for Chapter 11 protection on the 22nd of May, the share price of Hertz fell to US$0.59 and the bonds, which rank higher than equity in the capital structure fell to US 10 cents in the […]

True Bearing June 2020

The latest issue of Providence’s Quarterly Publication “True Bearing” includes the Global Outlook and Strategy for Quarter 2,  and the Activity Report for January – May 2020. True Bearing Edition 16: June 2020 Contents Activity Report: January – May 2020 Global Outlook & Strategy #77 (Quarter 2, 2020) Webinars for the Providence Network Philanthropic News

Activity Report May 2020

We reveal the basis of our investment decisions in our Activity Report. Our research team, headed by Carlo Queddeng evaluates each opportunity solely on its merits regarding risk and return. Our advice is aligned only to our clients’ best interests, as it should be. Click here to read: Providence Activity Report May 2020 

Valuations Matter in a Black Swan Event – Global Outlook and Strategy Q2 2020

Valuations Matter in Black Swan Events

Along came Covid-19, which was the trigger/black swan for the adjustment of valuations, not the cause in our view. If valuations were reasonable, equity markets would not have fallen 37% in 23 trading days – the fastest bear market in history. And now we have Uncle Sam Inc. to the rescue, bailing out yet again, […]