Global Outlook and Strategy 1st Quarter 2019 “Recalibration”


  • Clear slowdown in global growth outside the US
  • The change in central bank policy will increase volatility
  • Record global debt a concern
  • The Australian economy is vulnerable to the housing downturn and weaker Chinese growth
  • Valuations are more attractive after the Q4 correction
  • Increasing exposure to growth assets at the margin

Click here to read the full Global Outlook and Strategy 1st Quarter 2019: Recalibration.


The global coordinated experiment by central banks of quantitative easing (QE) is now ending. It is now slowly moving towards quantitative tightening (QT) as central banks look to unwind their balance sheets and increase interest rates. However, recent slowing in global growth and the impact….read more.

Watch Grant Patterson and Michael Ogg discussing the key points from the latest outlook.

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