Global Outlook and Strategy 2nd Quarter 2019 “Jib Set”


  • Global growth has clearly slowed – expect a rebound second half
  • Mixed messages regarding outlook from investment markets
  • Current central bank policies supportive of risk assets in the short term
  • Near the end of the US cycle, wary of longer-term outlook
  • Struggling to find value
  • Positioning for next downturn

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Jib Set

Storm jibs are a necessity when sailing off-shore in areas with a risk of high winds and heavy weather.

Global growth has weakened over the course of the past 6 months giving rise to the stunning reversal of a tightening bias to a more neutral stance from the US Federal Reserve. There are currently mixed messages from investment markets regarding the global growth outlook. We have noted volatile and somewhat misleading data points across key economies throughout the first quarter of 2019. That said, trade volumes are now showing a tepid sign of stabilizing… more.

Watch Grant Patterson and James Smith discussing the key points from the latest outlook.

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