Global Outlook and Strategy 3rd Quarter “A Tale of Two Halves”


  • Central banks around the globe voicing concerns regarding slowing global growth
  • Interest rates to stay lower for longer
  • Intriguing divergence regarding the outlook from bond and equity markets
  • Australian economy soft at a household level
  • Trade concerns still overhanging markets
  • Ensure assets held can withstand a downturn
  • No change to defensive stance

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A Tale of Two Halves

There is no doubt global growth has weakened and appears likely to settle at roughly 3% for the year to June 2019. A modest rebound is likely in the second half of 2019 boosted by further global central bank easing and a possible outcome of the US and China trade negotiations. The yet unresolved impact of the US and Chinese trade war has….read more.

Watch Grant Patterson and Carlo Queddeng discuss the key points from the latest outlook.

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