Our Performance

Investment Returns

Most investors do well in the good times. However, when times are tough, that’s when expertise in financial markets is vital.  We have seen many market dislocations in our 20 years of operation and, true to our mission of protecting and preserving wealth, we have achieved real dollar value growth for our clients.

  1. Historical returns are not indicative of future performance.
  2. Providence Client is a full discretion Balanced client with no legacy assets. Returns are net of fees.
  3. Vanguard Balanced Index Fund (Wholesale) net of management fees.
  4. Lonsec Balanced Model Portfolio with Alternatives. Returns are net of fees.

Client Insights

In 2019, an independent Insights Consultant conducted one-on-one interviews with 30% of our clients, with the following results:

  •  100% of respondents are very likely or likely to recommend Providence to others
  • 100% of clients strongly agree that Providence is trustworthy and credible
  • 94% of clients rated Providence’s portfolio performance as having exceeded or met expectations.


With each day spent in the pursuit of investment performance, we love to hear endearing words of praise from our clients. It makes the pursuit even more worthwhile. Below, we share an excerpt of these words, with full testimonials available upon request.

  1. Verbal comments provided by clients in 2019 interviews with independent Insights Consultant.
  2. Testimonials provided by clients, on file.