Seismic Shifts – Global Outlook & Strategy Q4 2021

There are so many distortions in the current economic landscape that it is near impossible to have any clarity as to the likely outcome.  We sense that we are near the peak.

Peak growth, peak earnings, peak (persistent) inflation, peak bond market performance, (after a 30- year bull market) peak liquidity, peak speculation (SPACs1, meme stocks, tech valuations, record levels of Initial Public Offerings, Crypto) and peak investment performance.

Key Points

  • There are seismic shifts occurring in the economic and financial landscape
  • Our sense is that we are near the peak of everything
  • Growth has started to moderate, particularly in the US and China
  • Inflation has picked up all around the globe
  • Remaining disciplined will be the key to protecting recent gains
  • A high level of diversification will be required
  • Many assets are at risk to a change in the breeze
  • We are positive yet protective


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Or watch: Grant Patterson & Michael Ogg discussing the current outlook.



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