For Family Groups

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Providence as part of our commitment to our clients facilitates a variety of family conferences covering areas such as:

Feedback from Family Conferences participants:

“This had an immediate result in the way we respect and talk to one another. As we did this with our extended families the same goes for all who took part in this. As a result I feel so much more comfortable in who I am, who my family is, and where we are all heading.”


“Our family is quite a diverse group, so at the very least it was great to get some insight into how we might all get the best out of each other through adjusting our communication styles.”

Communication Styles

“The DNA program really gave me lots to think about in terms of how my experience, personality and passion might fit together for both my career and my life-path.”

Career and life-path

“There is no doubt in my mind that this has been a worthwhile exercise for the entire family. At the very least, it has enabled a much better understanding of one another, and has introduced valuable techniques for communicating, not just with one another, but out there in the big wide world.”

Better understanding

“For anyone considering doing the DNA behaviour assessment I would not only recommend it but I would say this is one of those things that are not negotiable. It is a must. The results speak for themselves.”

Not negotiable

“…on behalf of the whole family a bid thank you for bringing this to us in the first place.”

Thank you

“We as a family have enormous respect for you, and this cements an ongoing strong relationship with Providence.”

Strong relationship

“Our seven (children) have all commented on your level of care towards our family. I really don’t know how I am going to thank you for what you did for our family.”

Care towards our family

“Thank you for your insight and ideas, your commitment, dedication and patience, your care, kindness and friendship during the whole experience.”

Kindness and friendship