Charitable Giving

A Planned and Professional Approach to Charitable Giving

For those clients who prefer to establish and run their own philanthropic trust, we are a trusted and experienced partner who can assist in guiding you in establishing the trust, formulating an investment strategy, implementation, investment management and administration.

For clients that prefer a simplified means of achieving their philanthropic goals, the Providence Philanthropic Foundation streamlines the charitable giving process by offering an effective way for Providence’s new and existing clients to make the most of their giving while leaving the administration, investment, and statutory requirements to someone else.  To date, the foundation has facilitated in excess of $3.5 million in donations on behalf of our account holders.

As part of its commitment to its charities, the Providence Philanthropic Foundation is set up to enable at least 50% of fees to be rebated back to the Foundation. The Foundation’s trustee: Providence Wealth Pty Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Providence Wealth Advisory Group Pty Ltd.

Not-for-Profit Organisations
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