Multigenerational Wealth Protection

Providence is passionate about the long-term wellbeing of you and your family.

Over the past 20 years, assisting our clients as they shift from wealth accumulation and business building to wealth preservation and transference, we have developed an understanding of the practical and emotional issues that can arise. As a part of our commitment to protecting your family’s wellbeing, we have developed a framework to assist you in creating a harmonious and structured approach to wealth management and succession/legacy.

Constant and critical for family harmony across multiple generations is to ensure transparent communication, aligned with the core family values and purpose, combined with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

We call this The Family Charter.

A Family Charter spells out a family’s financial objectives and expectations for one another. Created by the family with the help of our experienced and objective team, a Providence Family Charter is a valuable agreement that supports the long-term growth and security of your family.

As every family has different dynamics and intentions, there is no one “one size fits all” formula for a successful family charter, Instead, we facilitate an honest, professional, and unbiased discussion to consider and understand the purpose and intent of your wealth. In doing this we discuss and plan for: management and protection of investments and business opportunities, financial support for family members, legacy intentions, the role of in-laws and the life purpose of your children.

Our educational seminars are a valuable tool for our family clients seeking to increase their knowledge of financial markets and concepts. We run these throughout the year or offer a personalised service where required.
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