Our Services

Investment Management and Advice

Providence provides tailored and independent investment management and advice to high net worth individuals and their families and not-for-profit organisations. We take a holistic approach to investment decisions, which includes all asset classes through managed funds and direct investments. As an independent company, we have access to a broad range of products. Our high-quality advice is supported by in-depth research and extensive market knowledge. Our only allegiance is to our clients.

Investment Management

Personalised Wealth Management strategies

Everything starts with understanding you and your family. Once we understand the purpose of your wealth, the life goals of stakeholders and family dynamics, we can help you articulate what is important, and work together to define and agree a personalised wealth management strategy.

Multigenerational Wealth Protection

We work holistically with your family to assist you in planning for multi-generational wealth protection, and succession. This may be formally through the creation of a family charter and/or investment policy, or more informally through education programs for younger/less experienced family members.

Expertise for Not-For-Profit Organisations

We are an experienced partner that can assist your board in developing and managing investment strategies to generate consistent risk adjusted returns to protect and grow the corpus. The team at Providence take the time to fully understand your organisation’s needs before we recommend any investment strategies – which range from broad asset allocations through to individual security selection.

Professional Approach to Charitable Giving

Sharing your wealth to make a difference can be enormously rewarding, but many Australians take an ad-hoc approach, making it difficult to see the impact of their generosity. Whether you prefer to establish your own philanthropic foundation, or utilise the Providence Philanthropic Foundation, we are an experienced partner to assist you in your charitable endeavours.
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