Our Services

Investment Management and Advice

Providence provides tailored and independent investment management and advice to high net worth individuals and their families and not-for-profit organisations. We take a holistic approach to investment decisions, which includes all asset classes through managed funds and direct investments. As an independent company, we have access to a broad range of products. Our high-quality advice is supported by in-depth research and extensive market knowledge. Our only allegiance is to our clients.

Financial Structuring

The right financial structure is vital for taxation planning, asset protection and estate planning.  A comprehensive understanding of your investments, as well as your life and family circumstances, enables us to advise the best financial structure for you. We can collaborate with your accountants, lawyers and other third parties to ensure your affairs are set-up correctly now and for the future.

Asset Allocation

Providence’s Investment Committee engages external research providers, Lonsec and Heuristic Investment Systems to help formulate its Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocations. We apply a tactical overlay – within pre-determined ranges – to help achieve targeted returns. For more information read our latest Global Outlook and Strategy.

Risk Management

Our investment philosophy is focussed on achieving client objectives, with the least amount of risk.  Whether it is income, security, aspirational, testamentary, philanthropy or simply fun, our first consideration is the protection and preservation of your investment capital in real terms.

Fund Manager Selection

We engage independent research providers to assess potential fund managers based on investment style, fund size, product fees, manager ratings and historical performance. We also conduct our own due diligence, meeting with fund managers one-to-one, to assess their quality. Being independent and non-aligned allows us access to a broad range of funds. We only select those that are in the best interests of our clients.

Direct Investments

Prior to investing on behalf of our clients, our Investment Committee undertakes its own due diligence of the individual investment opportunity. In doing this they draw on their own extensive experience and, where relevant, that of independent consultants. For more on how we assess investment opportunities, read our latest Activity Report.


We use leading-edge technology to support our comprehensive administration service. Clients have online access to a consolidated view of their portfolio, including portfolio valuation, asset allocation, investment movements, and tax summaries.

We also provide quarterly reports and can liaise with your accountants and other advisors as required.

Family Support

Non-Financial Retirement

After dedicating decades of your life to your career, retirement should be about enjoying the fruits of your labour. However, the transition from the workforce requires careful consideration, and the decisions you make now can have implications on your post-career lifestyle. 

At Providence, we recognise that retirement is not only about your finances, and we actively support our clients to help plan the non-financial aspects of life after work.

Supported by market-leading strategic tools and an experienced retirement coach, we are here to guide you towards an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement.

Learn more about the Providence Rethink Retirement Program here.

Family Charter

When the time comes to consider your distribution of wealth and financial legacies, it is important to maintain a high level of communication with your family. Developing an open plan with your family will help alleviate their fears and create clarity around your decisions.

At Providence, we call this the Family Charter.

A Family Charter spells out a family’s financial objectives and expectations for one another. Created by the family with the help of our experienced and objective team, a Providence Family Charter is a valuable agreement that supports the long-term growth and security of your family.

Click here to find out more.

Family Education

We strongly believe in the financial education of family members across generations. It forms an integral part of our client journey.

Our advisors run a series of educational workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, for clients and their families. Thy are aimed at people aged 18-30 who are embarking on, or progressing through, their careers and starting to make financial decisions. We can also tailor the workshop to suit our clients.

Family Succession

Managing financial objectives, investments and dynamics within a high net worth family can be demanding, so we can help our clients establish clear pathways for succession.

In some cases, succession will be relatively straight forward, with capable and willing family members ready to take on responsibility. In other cases, we play a more active role to guide the next generation, acting as a sounding board and mentor.

Testamentary planning

With a complete understanding of your investments and family dynamics, we work with you to develop a sound testamentary plan. We can collaborate with your existing legal advisers, or engage external counsel, to ensure your testamentary affairs are in order.

Philanthropy Advice and Facilitation

Sharing your wealth to make a difference can be enormously rewarding, but many Australians take an ad-hoc approach to their giving, making it difficult to see the impact of their generosity. There are several options for providing financial support to a charity of your choice. You could consider donating money directly to a charity, setting up your own private ancillary fund, joining a public ancillary fund, or leaving a bequest in your will. Our advisers can help you determine the most appropriate option.

The Providence Philanthropic Foundation was established to facilitate planned and professional charitable giving. We welcome both existing clients and new clients to join us in our endeavour towards sustainable support for charities. For more information on the Foundation, click here.