Our Investment Philosophy

Independent, impartial advice

Since inception our advice has been unbiased, and our investment decisions made purely in the best interest of the client. We don’t manufacture product and rebate any commissions received on funds, stock placements or referrals.

Asset class agnostic

We can invest in all asset classes and any investment on behalf of clients and will review every investment on its own merits with consideration of the benefit it adds to a multi-asset class portfolio.

Manage risk

We are focused on capital preservation for our clients and utilise diversification across and within asset classes to reduce portfolio risk and volatility.

Pro-active, tactical portfolio management

We recognise that strategic and tactical asset allocation as well as security selection will improve our client’s portfolio returns over time.

Utilisation of a wide range of market intelligence sources

We recognise the value of information and analysis and access a deep pool of intellectual capital both from external research resources and via our investment team. Our Executive Investment Committee is one of the most experienced in Australia.

  1. Verbal comments provided by clients in 2019 interviews with independent Insights Consultant.
  2. Testimonials provided by clients, on file.
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