April 17, 2020

Jonathan Pain: Providence Webinar Discussion

In today’s webinar, Grant Patterson, Michael Ogg and James Smith from Providence have a robust discussion with Jonathan Pain about the extraordinary events of the past 8 weeks.

Jonathan Pain is the author of the Pain Report, and a member of the Providence Investment Committee. He has over thirty years of international investment experience. He has held such positions as Chief Investment Strategist of HFA Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer of Rothschild Australia Asset Management, Head of Investments at Gulf International Bank in Bahrain, and Chair of the International Asset Allocation Committee at Paribas Asset Management in London. He holds a joint honours degree in Economics and Politics from Keele University, and a Masters degree in the Economics of Finance and Investment from Exeter University.

We hope you find this session informative. If you have any questions, please make contact with Grant, Michael, James or the Providence team on (02) 9239 9333 or (03) 8793 8383.

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