Schroders View: The Volatility Paradox

We broadly agree with The Schroders view which is well articulated in this article titled “The Volatility Paradox” by Simon Stevenson. “History tells us that periods of crisis are often preceded by periods of abnormally low volatility and complacency about risk and valuations. Are we in one such period?”

Activity Report – February 2017

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a trusted partner for our clients, Providence reviews a number of products each month, searching for investment opportunities that fit our clients’ individual requirements. Being an independent company, each opportunity is assessed solely on its merits regarding risk and return.True to Providence’s promise of transparency and independent analysis, we […]

True Bearing – Update for the Providence Network

Welcome to True Bearing – Publications and Updates for the Providence network. Our latest issue, True Bearing: March 2017 features our latest Global Outlook and Strategy and our Quarterly Activity Statement.