Our Current Views and Stance

Providence recently held a webinar for clients in which we covered the current state of investment markets, our stance and views and what we are looking for in terms of signals to deploy funds at this time. If you have any concerns or questions about your investments, please feel free to call any of the […]

Quarterly Update with Grant Patterson and Michael Ogg

In this short video, Grant Patterson, CIO and Managing Director of Providence discusses the current outlook with Michael Ogg, Director of Providence. They present the highlights from our soon to be released Global Outlook and Strategy for Quarter 2. If you have any questions about your investments and the market outlook, please contact Michael Ogg […]

Jonathan Pain: Providence Webinar Discussion

In today’s webinar, Grant Patterson, Michael Ogg and James Smith from Providence have a robust discussion with Jonathan Pain about the extraordinary events of the past 8 weeks.   Watch Webinar: Jonathan Pain is the author of the Pain Report, and a member of the Providence Investment Committee. He has over thirty years of international […]

Grant Patterson on Ausbiz

Grant Patterson appeared in an interview on ausbiz on Tuesday 31st of March, discussing valuations, volatility and caution in the current market. Click to view the full interview.

Our Current Position: A Webinar with Grant Patterson, CIO at Providence

On Friday 27th March 2020, James Smith – Head of Melbourne and Grant Patterson – Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer hosted a webinar for clients and contacts of Providence. In this recording Grant discusses Providence’s current state of investment markets, stance and views, and what Providence is looking for in terms of signals to […]

Grant Patterson in the Australian Financial Review

The recent volatility is simply stunning. A level head is needed to navigate through these uncertain times in markets. Our thoughts were published in the Australian Financial Review this weekend in Aleks Vickovich’s article in the Australian Financial Review “Why now is the time for investors to get greedy“.