Disruptive Times – Global Outlook & Strategy Q 2, 2022

The first phase of the correction has started. A rolling readjustment is underway across various asset classes, with some considerable damage already inflicted below the surface of various market indices. The realisation that inflation is not always transitory and interest rates are on the rise has undermined stretched valuations of assets previously buoyed by surging […]

Our New Brand Film

As Providence Wealth Advisory Group enters its third decade of providing truly independent investment advice the importance of family harmony is ever present when considering your legacy and succession planning. We have put together a short video outlining what the team at Providence delivers in this regard. We hope you find it of some interest. Please […]

The Tide Has Turned – Global Outlook & Strategy Q1 2022

There is a regime change underway in investment markets – the re-emergence of inflation after decades of slumber. This will lead to a gradual increase in interest rates and the unwinding of accommodative central bank policy (some of which are still arguably at “emergency settings”). Not surprisingly, this comes at a time of record global […]

Activity Report July – December 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a trusted partner for our clients, Providence reviews a number of products each month, searching for investment opportunities that fit our clients’ individual requirements. Being an independent company, each opportunity is assessed solely on its merits regarding risk and return. True to Providence’s promise of transparency and […]

Seismic Shifts – Global Outlook & Strategy Q4 2021

There are so many distortions in the current economic landscape that it is near impossible to have any clarity as to the likely outcome.  We sense that we are near the peak. Peak growth, peak earnings, peak (persistent) inflation, peak bond market performance, (after a 30- year bull market) peak liquidity, peak speculation (SPACs1, meme […]

Jonathan Shapiro Webinar

In lieu of our client quarterly lunch we invited Jonathan Shapiro to be our guest speaker at a webinar to discuss his new book “Buy Now, Pay Later”, the fascinating behind the scenes story of Afterpay, the brash Aussie technology start up that changed the way a whole generation around the world does their shopping. […]

Too big and too indebted to fail – Global Outlook & Strategy Q3 2021

We are in the hands of the central banks. What could possibly go wrong?  Financial assets are now such a large part of the global economy that, combined with the huge debt within corporate balance sheets, the collective is now too big to fail. In addition, government deficits are the highest since WW2 therefore, global […]