Activity Report – 4th Quarter 2016

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a trusted partner for our clients, Providence reviews a number of products each month, searching for investment opportunities that fit our clients’ individual requirements. Being an independent company, each opportunity is assessed solely on its merits regarding risk and return.

True to Providence’s promise of transparency and independent analysis, we share the basis of our decisions with our clients in this Activity Report.

Providence Whitepaper: Lower Longer Term Returns

Our recently published Whitepaper contends that long term investment returns from a traditional balanced portfolio are likely to be structurally lower than has been the experience over the past 30 years. Without adjusting return expectations, a more aggressive investment stance would be required to meet previous aspirational goals.

Read the complete Whitepaper: Lower Longer Term Returns.

Providence Gains Global Insight from London

Will Porter Appointed Global Research Manager in Newly Created London Role

As also reported in the Independent Financial Adviser.

Sydney, 16 February, 2017

Australian independent investment advisory firm Providence has appointed Will Porter to the newly created role of Global Research Manager based in London, in order to broaden research insight.

Having access to global fund managers in London, Will Porter will be delivering insights on global themes in asset allocation and investment markets to Providence’s Australian-based investment committee and executive team, for the benefit of Providence’s clients.

Will Porter - Global Research Manager

Will Porter has been appointed as Providence’s Global Research Manager based in London.

Will Porter has over ten years’ experience in the investment market, most recently as Providence’s Sydney-based Australian Equities Manager. He has had responsibility for equity research and asset classes, maintaining model equity portfolios and monitoring investment performance.

Grant Patterson, Managing Director of Providence explained the importance of this new London-based role. “These are uniquely uncertain economic times. We recognise that changes occurring at a global level may significantly affect the investment decisions we make locally. Having our dedicated resource in London, a world financial capital, will continue to enhance our global perspective and maintain our alignment with global investment themes” he said. “At Providence we pride ourselves on providing expert and truly independent investment management and advice to our clients. We believe that Will’s presence in London will enhance our ability to safely navigate these uncertain times on behalf of our clients, in a global context.”

Currently in its 16th year of operation, and with a 185% growth of Funds Under Management (FUM) over the past 5 years, Providence has $1bn of funds under management on behalf of Australian individuals, families and not-for-profit organisations from its Sydney and Melbourne offices.

For further information, contact Grant Patterson, Managing Director on +61 2 9239 9333 or email


Global Outlook and Strategy December 2016: Heightened Risk; Patience and Diversification the Key

Key Points:

  • Central Banks openly acknowledge that monetary policy has run its course and fiscal policy is the future pathway
  • Deflation appears to be on hold, reflation is now the focus
  • Some signs of a pickup in global growth
  • A lot has been priced in quickly; we expect a correction in markets
  • Valuations short term are stretched in our view

Click here to read the Global Outlook and Strategy December 2016: Heightened Risk; Patience and Diversification the Key. 

Alternatively, you can view Grant Patterson, Managing Director, sharing the key messages of the Global Outlook and Strategy in the video below.

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